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Allergy Awareness Projects

Dakota Allergy & Asthma
Allergy Awareness

Download the following printable PDFs for activities and tools that will help you bring allergy awareness to others and to your household. We hope you enjoy these fun and unique projects as our gift to you. We thank you for allowing us to help you and your family with your allergy and asthma needs.

Printable Activity and Coloring Sheets:

Keep your kids involved with this fun activity book Featuring Ellie the Elephant, Polly Pollen, The Huff and Puff family and Sally the Spore.

A great project for you and your kids!, this activity book is filled with fun puzzles and games as well as coloring pages. It features characters that relate to allergies and asthma such as, Polly Pollen and the Huff and Puff Family (inhalers). This is a fun way for kids to get acquainted with allergies and asthma.

Customizable Allergy Awareness Tags:

Print these tags on cardstock and print them out. These tags are also compatible with certain Avery Label sizes, which are listed at the top of the page on the printed template.

Are you taking snacks to an event, having a party or sending you little ones somewhere with snacks to share? Use these allergy awareness tags to note which allergens are contained in your snacks or to specify specially made snacks that don’t include specific allergens. Do you know that a specific person has an allergy and you have made something especially for them? Use these tags to put their name on their special treat.

Inhaler and Medication Bottle Pouch Project:

For this project you will need a pen, felt, tacky glue, Velcro and scissors. Instructions are included on the template. Use our designs, or use your imagination to come up with your own.

This fun and easy craft project is perfect for you or your kids, Use them to keep track of inhalers or to keep a medication bottle safe. It’s both fun and practical. This project will be a hit. No sewing required!

Decorative Cupcake Wrappers and Flags:

Print the cupcake wrappers on regular paper and cut them out. To make the flags print them on cardstock and cut them out or use the compatible Avery labels that are listed at the top of the template. Attach them to bamboo skewers, which you have cut in half.

These wrappers will give a decorative touch to cupcakes. The matching flags are customizable with your own text to call out ingredients that others could be allergic to. Do you know someone who is coming to your party that has a specific allergy? Note which cupcakes don’t include the ingredient they are allergic to, or come up with your own unique idea.

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