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Food Allergies

Food allergy is a very real and often scary problem. Patients may develop a combination of symptoms such as:
• throat swelling
• hives
• hard to breath
• vomiting
• diarrhea
• even passing out

This normally happens within two hours of eating the offending substance. It should happen every time that food is consumed.

The evaluation and treatment program at Dakota Allergy & Asthma starts with getting the patient’s full history, completing medical history forms and having a consultation and examination with the allergy provider. Based on this information, allergy testing by skin or blood methods is often done to further clarify what is happening.

Once that is complete, you meet again with the provider to decide just what needs to be avoided, what is ok to eat, get an action plan in case of accidents, and agree on follow up plans to recheck the allergy status and how well the program is working.

New for 2020 is an option to treat peanut allergy. Palforzia is a peanut product taken daily designed to decrease the chance of a bad reaction to accidentally eating something with peanut in it. It is not a cure for peanut allergy. Patients continue to avoid peanuts. It is for patients 4 to 17 years old at the time it is started and will need to be continued long term. We hope it is available in spring 2020 so patients can start the program.

The webpage: https://www.palforzia.com/

Do I need to see an allergist resource guide book cover

Do I Need to See an Allergist?

Find yourself wondering if you should see an allergist for you allergy symptoms? Dr. Bubak, board certified allergist at Dakota Allergy and Asthma, will walk you through a simple allergy assessment review things like your symptoms, over-the-counter (OTC) medication options, how you respond to those options and even how you liked the OTC medications.