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Dust Mite Allergies

Posted on Oct 18, 2019 11:10:33 AM

Dust mite allergies are a lifelong struggle, and they take a lot of medication to handle, but allergy shots can make a difference in reducing the amount of medicine needed and improving your allergies.


If you’ve got dust mite allergy, that means every day the rest of your life
you’re gonna have your allergy symptoms.

With the plugged-up nose runny itchy sneezy and need some kind of treatment.
Likely it’s going to be the nose spray and just think of all those bottles of
nose spray!

If you’re 10 and live to 100 that’s only going to be about 1100
bottles that you’re going to be taking. If you take a Claritin a day during that
time that’s only 33,000 pills.

For people with dust mite allergies we often think of avoidance and meds but I think we should really look at allergy shots; to be less allergic make you feel better and cut all that medication use down.

The allergy shots are about a five-year commitment the reduction in symptoms is typically 60 to 70 percent. Then you get to be able to use half the meds that would mean that you’d save 500 bottles of nasal steroid or maybe 12 to 15,000 pills that you don’t have to take.
I really think that dust mite folks are a special case where immunotherapy can make a huge difference in the long haul at keeping you more allergy free and having a great life.

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