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Send Those Nasty Allergies Packing!

Posted on Aug 08, 2017 9:57:32 AM

Have you been trying to avoid your allergies but they follow you everywhere you go? Are you feeling miserable? Is the sneezing and itchy, watery eyes nasal drainage, and constant coughing getting to be too much?


This video checklist will help you determine if it’s time to see an allergist for your allergy symptoms.

Send those nasty allergies packing. The road to your allergy relief isn’t far away.

Get Seen. Get Treated. Get Better.

Do you need to see an allergist?

Follow the steps in this resource to figure out if you need to see an allergist, or if your symptoms are better treated in other ways.

When Should I See An Allergist?

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Not in the Sioux Falls area?

But still need an Allergist?

If you need an Asthma specialist or Allergist and you are not in the Sioux Falls South Dakota area, please use one of the links below to find one closer to you:

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