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Hay Fever

Posted on Sep 17, 2019 10:57:41 AM

In South Dakota, ragweed allergies strike every August. Starting a regimen early will help you handle your ragweed allergies.

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Hay fever season is coming up soon, hopefully persons thinking about this at the end of July because we can get ahead of time here in South Dakota around the second week of August the ragweed is going to go ballistic with the pollination. If we start our nasal steroid August first you’re going to get ahead of it and be a lot healthier. Have some antihistamine available for breakthrough symptoms. If that program is not working and remember keep the house closed up in air-conditioned so if that’s not working well we ought to be looking at immunotherapy either it be the allergy shots or or the ragweed tab under the tongue to make you less allergic for next year because it’s every August those ragweed guys keep
coming back and coming back. Stay healthy.

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